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Updates from Some 2014 Stories–January 8, 2015

Updates from Some 2014 Stories

We are working on some amazing stories for you in 2015 and thought you’d enjoy a few updates on some of our 2014 features.


Madeline and Reading

“Merry Christmas,” as Madeline is singing to her new karaoke machine, “I cannot believe the words she is reading as she sings—wow!”

Madeline’s mom (December Newsletter)


Hannah and Tummy Time

Hannah recently paid a visit and proudly showed off her mastery of crawling, kneeling, standing, grabbing everything in sight, and babbling. All while looking absolutely adorable! She will be celebrating her first birthday in a month—Happy Birthday! (May newsletter)


Brian’s Return to Running

One of the runner’s features in the Re-Tooling Running newsletter in November was Brian. He had been recovering from injuries with some big races on the horizon. Great news—he finished the Vegas half marathon and is on his way to Disney for the 2015 marathon. Have a great race!

“Hi- Just wanted to share this photo of my sister-in-law and I after running the Las Vegas half marathon!  I can’t thank you enough for your help- it was like running like before. Felt great (well, until that last 2 miles…ugh). Thanks! Brian”


From infants to adults, we restore your micro-movements quickly returning you to the movement that defines your life!


Note from Cara

Happy New Year!

My year began briskly on the trails of Lincoln Park in Chicago for the New Year’s Day 5k. What an exhilarating (or crazy) way to begin 2015!

I’ve already made plans to return to the canyons hiking so I can re-write my story from last year—no falling! And a half marathon appears to be in the cards—I’ve been so inspired by Brian’s achievements!

Movement is truly the essence of health and vitality. I hope your goals and plans for the year include ways to keep active.

On behalf of the entire team, I wish you a healthy and happy year filled with the joy of moving!

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