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Do Your Running and Walking Shoes Feel Great? Or Just Ok?

All the miles of walking and running has got you wondering if it’s time to get new shoes. I know, the shoes you have are so comfortable! It’s so hard to find a pair that feels right.

Despite all of the technology and expert advice at the sports stores, I find there are two, more basic traits which can be the difference between feeling ok and feeling great.

Two different ways to evaluate your shoes

To help you understand two different ways to evaluate your shoes, I created two videos which demonstrate important characteristics. The two concepts are the ‘rise’ of the shoe and the stability.

Why does the Rise matter for comfort?

Rise is the elevation from the toe box to the heel of the shoe. You can also think of it as the amount of heel lift. Depending upon how your foot and ankle actually work together, matching your natural rise can make a huge difference in the amount of fatigue you experience when wearing the shoes for a longer period of time.

Stability can be too much of a good thing

The sports shops and shoe companies preach having a stable shoe, especially when your foot has its own unique set of issues. However, when shoes are too stable you need extra effort to move and there can often be stress at the knee or hip due to the shift in stress away from the ankle. When you’re exercising you don’t want your shoes to be slowing you down.

Feet feeling tired, aching, or stiff?

When your feet aren’t doing their part in keeping you moving efficiently you will feel tired and have aching feet. Believe it or not, feet can change quite a bit in just a few sessions at Kinetic Konnections, allowing you to stay more active.

What are the ways your feet and legs can be helped virtually?

Do you have pain that keeps you from the activities you enjoy? A child who struggles more than they should? These are the areas we are able to help get back on track quickly.


Finding the Right Walking and Running Shoe: Consider the ‘Rise’

What is the rise of a shoe, why does it impact comfort, and how can you figure out what is best for you? Watch for all the answers and a demonstration.

Finding the Right Walking and Running Shoe: How much stability do you need?

Too stable can slow you down and cause other aches. How can you judge stability of a shoe, and if the shoe works well for you? Watch and find out.

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