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Pain and Swelling Still an Issue After Your Surgery or Procedure?

Lots of summer surgeries!

We meet people who are frustrated with the status of their recovery. These are the most common surgeries they have had:

  • Did an accidental bone break need repair?
  • Was the knee or hip replacement, or hysterectomy planned?
  • Was the appendix or gallbladder surgery an emergency?
  • Was the surgery part of cancer treatment?

You or your loved one had surgery earlier this year. Although it went well, there is still unexplained pain, swelling, or weird tightness.

How much longer?

When you ask about these sensations at your surgical follow-up appointment, you are re-assured that it will improve. Give it time. How much more time? And what else can you do?

Where is your recovery stuck?

What you expect and experience changes as the days and weeks go by. Often swelling is the cause of the initial discomfort. Tightness, tingling, and pain can be an issue as you move more and healing progresses.

At each stage of recovery there are different aspects of healing that Bridging® can help with to make you feel more comfortable, move more easily, sleep better, and recover faster.

Weeks 1-2 post procedure: Swelling

Swelling is very common. We find that the positioning during surgery or during healing has constrained the body’s lymphatic flows. Poor drainage creates a back-up of fluid in the area. Then resultant swelling makes it harder to move and is often painful.

Some gentle Bridging®-based support and rocking movements for areas adjacent to the procedure site do wonders. This movement restores the lymphatic flows allowing swelling to decrease, often in minutes, as the micromovements are restored to the affected areas. (Note- at this stage, all work is peripheral to the healing area.)

Weeks 3-6 post procedure: Pain, Weird Sensations

Movement in the area of the procedure can be painful. We find the procedure created a disjoint in how the affected muscles, nerves, and circulatory structures are able to work together.

Specific Bridging® support and gentle movements restore pairing of muscle groups to facilitate the movement ease you are craving.

Sometimes there are odd places that hurt. These usually are sites of IVs and monitoring sensors. Some Bridging® wiggles help those feel better too!

Weeks 7+ post procedure: Pain, Tightness

After you are healed, its time to really put details of your movement back together. Centering movement between right and left sides of the body, and supporting the smooth transitions between joint positions makes all the difference in how you feel!

It’s so much more than strength and range of motion!

Bridging® restores how your muscles hand-off to each other as you shift positions, speed-up and slow down, bend, flex, and turn.

What are your options for Bridging® post-procedure?

at home Bridging

Post-procedure help is ideal for a virtual session. Here is a link describing more about virtual sessions.

The virtual sessions are 30 minutes. Often a session every 2-3 weeks along the way helps you feel so much better as your healing progresses!

Call to set up a convenient time: 847-390-8348.

Ordering a little green Gaiam back support peanut ball will be helpful too.

Of course, we can see you in the office too!