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And Then Life Happens! Injured When Running

Keeping you active at every age to support your best physical, mental and cognitive health is our goal at The Bridging® Institute.

You want to stay active, yet life can hand you challenge after challenge. Staying active is really about how we pick ourselves up and keep going when things in life happen. Often a little help is just what’s needed to get back on track.

An oops happened to me recently. Here’s more of the story…

Cara on the running trailTrying to stay active but then life happens

Many of you know that I enjoy being outdoors and that trail running is part of my fitness mix. What you may not know about me is that when I was a kid I did vision therapy because my vision wasn’t working right.

I have no depth perception but I’ve learned to navigate the world ok. However, sometimes no depth perception gets me into trouble and it’s often on the trail.

tripped-up on the trailRecently, what appeared as just a nub in the trail (to me) actually had much more height to it when looking from the side (which I couldn’t tell).

I misread the scene, my foot caught, and I spiraled down onto the ground. I ended up with a few scrapes on my hands and knee, and thought that rolling onto into the fall kept me from anything worse.

I was wrong.

Oura ring readiness scoreI expected some aches and pain, but what I didn’t expect was the impact to my overall well-being.

I realized the impact was more involved from my biometric feedback. (I wear an Oura® ring to give me feedback on sleep and overall readiness for activity.)

My low score (highlighted) was from the night after I fell. Realizing the impact of the fall was more than initially thought, I decided I needed help.

Luckily I know people! I went online and booked the first appointment available in the office, which was with Becki.

It turned out that she had to de-compress my shoulder and upper torso pretty significantly related to my landing. This compression was impacting my breathing and calming, and was why my Oura ‘Readiness Score’ had tanked.

Each night since the Bridging® intervention I’ve slept great, my readiness score is recovering, and my upper torso is feeling better.

So appreciative of my team’s great work to keep me, and many of you, active!


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