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Moms, Still Bothered by Back Pain, Weak Core, Leaking or Odd Ab Sensations?

Following childbirth moms are told that time and exercise will help their core return to its original function.

Our clients tell a different story. They have been frustrated with slow or plateaued recovery in many ways, especially if they had a C-section. They are so happy to finally begin feeling like their former selves with some Bridging® work!

Moms, have you been bothered by any of these?

Cara with Mom client

  • Pain in your back, hip or lower abdomen?
  • Rounded posture no matter how much you workout?
  • Vacationing Abs so core exercises just don’t engage abs the way they should?
  • Weird sensations or lack of sensation in your abdomen?
  • Leaking, which keeps you from walking, running, or jumping when you’d like to?

What do these often have in common?

These common issues often surface after a traumatic birth or C-section. I discussed what actually happens to your body with a C-section surgery in a previous post.

The vital micromovements of your core, pelvic floor, and legs can be significantly disrupted by the trauma of giving birth. Such much so that they aren’t able to recover without specific support.

Reclaiming your core!

The feeling that your abs just won’t fire, developing a poochy shelf belly, and having difficulty with posture – can all be resolved once the layers of your abs actually can work together again.

As part of the Bridging process, we assess the details of your birthing experience, and then support the impacted interconnections. This specific support restores movement and resets your muscle coordination.

Your body goes back together pretty quickly

Clients are surprised at how much better they feel following just a couple of Bridging® sessions.

Have you been suffering, waiting for things to get better on their own? Get back to enjoying your children more easily by letting our team help your muscles work together again!

Checking in with our mom who had a C-section

In this week’s video we check back with Kira. We also have a special helper today–introducing Lynne from our team! In this episode find out:

  • How is Kira doing 2 months later?
  • How did she do in her competitions?
  • What else needs more attention?

Enjoy watching how Bridging® takes her to a new level!