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Cara and Sara

Been Sick and Now Have Tight Shoulders or Neck Pains?

Flu and cold season is upon us! Once you get over the main virus what’s left behind may still be bugging you:

  • coughing
  • dripping nose
  • stiffness
  • rounded shoulders

Often a session or two of Bridging is helpful to restore the ease of your muscles working, and allow your to breath better.

Quickly clearing up the pain and stiffness from being sick

Pain and a stiff neck are no fun after you’ve already spent a week in misery from actually being sick.

This week our YouTube guest, Sara, was bothered by neck pain following a recent illness. Here is some background about why Bridging was able to restore the micromovements of her upper body. (Watch the video below.)

Why would the shoulders, back, and neck be painful after being sick?

A few reasons why your body may feel like the cobwebs won’t go away include:

  • Your immune system is still clearing out pathogens. The area where this transfer happens is around the front of the shoulder.
  • Your coughing aggravates your ribcage muscles which are small and easily overworked.
  • Your breathing and diaphragm are tightened from fever and congestion which collapses your chest a bit, leaving your head and shoulders pulled forward.

Won’t it get better on its own?

Maybe and maybe not. The body is pretty resilient and able to recover from so much on its own. BUT, the body also has its limits. Once you cross over the line it’s hard to get back without specific help.

How does Bridging help?

Instead of strengthening the back, and stretching the shoulders, the Bridging process identifies specific aspects of core, neck, and shoulder movement which have been impacted by being sick.

Often it’s a matter of calming down the ribcage muscles so they can work more easily with the diaphragm muscle. This allows the back and neck to lengthen and straighten.

Another key aspect is restoring the movement in the upper chest to help the immune (lymphatic) system drain easier. Within a session or two you are back to your former active self!

Have a look to see what we found with Sara, and how it changed.

Quickly helping NECK pain after being sick

In this episode we meet Sara, who was recently sick and bothered by neck pain.

  • What did we find?
  • How did if change?
  • What did she notice?

Our YouTube channel has many more examples of how Bridging has helped a variety of concerns ranging from back pain to anxiety. Enjoy!