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movement is key

Health and Longevity? Physical Movement is Critical

But Does Your Body Move Right?

Welcome to 2023!!!

Thank you to the New York Times for this week’s timely article about exercise. The overall takeaway from the story is about staying active for health and well-being.

Bottom line — making time daily to move is a must do for health and longevity!

Looking at the article, which debates strength and cardio, I feel there is a more basic question to consider …

Is exercise of any sort right for the way your body actually works?

You are led by popular media to believe you can do anything with simply more practice, new gear, or a new program.

This thinking is the mindset that sells magazines, gadgets, and coaching programs, but usually doesn’t help your pain or coordination.

Our daily experience at The Bridging® Institute tells us there is something more — when the most basic muscle relationships function well, you can move for cardio, strength, health, and well-being!

(Yes, I’m on my soapbox, and hopefully you can relate to what I’m saying!)


Commonly in the world of therapy, exercise, and sport, you’re told, “You need to try harder, work harder, work longer, practice more … etc.”

Generally these professionals assume your muscles connect and sequence correctly so you are able to do what is prescribed or assigned. This ends up being A MAJOR ASSUMPTION — that your body actually works in a textbook manner. Often we find this is not a good assumption.

I’m reminded of a story about assumptions …

  • There is a tale about an aspiring goldfish who wanted to go on to the bigger and better things he saw around him. One day he made the big leap …. and discovered the water he took for granted was kind of important. Because he had been surrounded by water he never gave thought to its existence or importance.

The lesson to this story is that sometimes the most critical things can be hidden in plain sight, and taken for granted.

Don’t assume your neuromuscular system is working the way it’s supposed to!


Our lives are often filled with episodes of physical trauma, some significant and others not so much. Just the right impact at the right time can lock out the ability of your neuromuscular system to bounce back.

Here are the basic set of disruptive events (from all ages and stages) we find impacting your muscle function:

  • accidents
  • injuries
  • medical procedures
  • illness
  • and even events from way back at your birth or before

Bridging® involves a quick check of your movement foundation, and then a reset to restore your disrupted micromovements. Once your muscle basics are working well, you are ready for cardio and/or strength training!

It’s all about living an active life to stay healthy, at any age!

Here’s to an active 2023!