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Cara with client, Martha

Summer Adventures, Hiking, and Injuries. Sometimes Things Happen … 😣

The theme for this week … injuries from hiking Have you been outdoors doing an activity you love and suffered an injury? Hiking is such a wonderful way to enjoy nature and be active. It can also be fraught with danger. Read on … How common are hiking injuries? This 2022 summary from Hikers Daily […]

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woman running

Boost Your Bone Health: the Role of Exercise Revealed

The theme for this week … Exercise is essential for more than just our cardio-respiratory health. Our skeletal structure needs exercise too! Read on … Bone health is dependent upon physical activity Recent research highlights various relationships between activity and bone health depending upon age, and/or type of activity. Some of this information seems intuitive […]

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5 Reasons Your Micromovements Benefit from a Spring Tune-up

Is a Spring micromovement tune-up on your calendar? It should be! Warm weather is finally here! Are you ready to do all the things you dreamed about all winter long — softball, soccer, lacrosse, biking, gardening, running, or a simple walk with friends? Or, is something holding you back? Outdoor activity has so many benefits, […]

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stiff or painful neck

Three Uncommon Reasons for your Stiff or Painful Neck which Keeps you from Being Active

Two things concurrently caught my attention this morning– 1 – New statistics about head and neck injuries becoming more common in high school sports. 2 – A tweet about strength declines by age 70 (from Dan Go, @fitfounder) and exercises to counteract this decline. He is 43. I recognized how we often find neck trauma […]

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Cara works on balance with Megan

Balance Not Quite Right, But You Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong?

Balance, what is it? From a hard core physics perspective, balance is “the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass over the base of support.” From a practical perspective, balance is what gives you the confidence to move, both in sports and daily life. From a human perspective, balance has both neurological and physical […]

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kids on wheels

Hard Time Learning to 🚲 Ride?

There are FOUR aspects of coordination required. I’ve written about biking before, but usually from an injury perspective. This is the time of year that younger children are testing out new bikes, and parents are trying to teach bike riding skills. With success, the joy is unbelievable. When the skills just don’t happen, the frustration […]

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