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follow up session with Cindy

Your Body Doesn’t Move Correctly? Might Be Prior Injuries

Coordination between your core, arms or legs have you feeling less than confident?

At The Bridging® Institute, we find disruptors to movement fall into consistent categories. As you accumulate more of these over the years, your body is less able to bounce back and find a way to keep going. Life can easily become a vicious circle of exercise, maintenance, and fatigue.

Common movement disruptors include:

  • Injuries
  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Medical procedures
  • Even your birth or prenatal movement development!

How many of these have you had over the years?

Perhaps Cindy’s story will give you hope for being able to move better for your continued health and well-being. Bridging has been able to assess the implications of her various physical disruptors and put her back together!

(Cindy’s post-surgical aches and pains were initially discussed here.)

Following up with Cindy

As a reminder Cindy, had been bothered by neck and low back pain and stiffness. She had two surgeries which caused her body to tighten up.

We helped her back and neck, and planned to follow-up with her, but she had a surprise for us…she had fallen down the stairs and landed such that the tendon on her thumb was cut. This video shows what we assessed from the fall, and then how we helped put her back together.

Zooming in on her thumb!

The first follow-up session addresses the global impacts from her fall. There was more to help.

This second video is specific to her thumb injury and exemplifies a highly specific application of Bridging to improve recovery time and comfort.

The details matter, especially when it’s your fingers and hands!

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