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Cara works with client, Allison

Neck and Hip Pain? Maybe There’s More Than One Cause …

Long-time neck and hip pain? Why? What other reasons might be involved?

In the latest Bridging Insider video, we meet Allison who has chronic neck and hip pain. With a lifetime full of movement disruptors she is bothered by pain. Although she works with several other professionals, she is hoping for a new perspective and additional help.

Allison’s disruptors:

Auto accident, bike fall, stair fall, concussion, fractured arm, C-section birth (her own), twin pregnancy.

As you’ll see in the video, using Bridging we were able to assess the basics of how her body’s micromovements work and put specific core relationships back together. She felt less tension and more ease to movement when we finished.

At The Bridging® Institute, we find that movement disruptors accumulate over the years leaving your body is less able to bounce back. Life can easily become a vicious circle of exercise, maintenance, and fatigue.

Why does pregnancy impact postural pain years later?

We noted that one of Allison’s disruptors was a pregnancy with twins (14 years ago). Why might that relate to her current issues?

Sometimes pregnancy and childbirth, a joyous event, can leave a lot of collateral damage to how mom’s body functions afterward.

A disorganized abdomen doesn’t always go back to original

Not only does a kicking, growing baby rearrange the way Mom’s abdominal relationships move, the coordination of her core, pelvic floor, and legs can be impacted. Twin pregnancy is just more extreme! The lower back and shoulders often pay the price; they get stuck with extra work due to poor core integrity.

Even more impactful is a C-section delivery. We’ve talked about why this is such a huge movement disruptor for moms before. (Although Allison’s mom is the one who had the C-section, there are implications to how Allison might have mastered her infant milestones. We didn’t get into that at this point in time.)

Putting mom’s abs back together

After the baby is born, we often find that a mother’s muscles need some guidance and reacquainting to remember how to work together again. If a C-section, there an even greater trauma keeping abdominal muscles from doing the many jobs they need to do.

Often it takes only 2-3 sessions to reset the upset from pregnancy. Your neck, back, and hips will thank you!

What movement disruptors are impacting your ability to stay active?

Our unique, engineering-based, problem-solving process looks at how each part of your body connects and transitions with the next part. Where there are glitches, we support and guide the movement, and add a subtle stretch to seal in the new muscle relationships. That is the Bridging process!

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