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weird pains from crazy accident

Weird Chest Pain Interrupting Exercise … What Could It Be?

The theme for this week …

A common cause for weird or chronic pain is often a long-forgotten accident or injury. This week’s case study includes an injury which is one of the wildest we’ve seen in awhile!

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Weird chest pains…it’s a thing!

Physical activity is your goal for better health, but when you have unexplained chest pains what do you do?

Turns out that chest pain is a fairly common complaint for people. This clinician’s guide for evaluating chest pain notes the most common causes including:

  • Coronary (heart) events 31%
  • Reflux 30%
  • Musculoskeletal 28%

Cardiac and reflux events make sense, and they each have standardized assessment and treatment protocols.

But musculoskeletal … where does one begin to help with that? The Clinician’s Guide notes that:

“… New exercise routines or recent trauma may help support a musculoskeletal cause.”

And if not from exercise or recent trauma, then what?

The Clinician’s Guide also includes a checklist of questions to ask when gathering information about your chest pain (non-life threatening).

At The Bridging® Institute we also ask questions; however our questions are a little different.

Different questions, different insights

Over the years we have discovered the most unusual causes for pain. These causes have one thing in common — they happened years ago.

The injuries, illnesses, and early life events from long ago all factor into the mystery pains experienced years later.

Insight of the week from Cara

Although you may be over the age of 40 and experiencing unexplained or weird pain, it’s very likely that events and injuries from your younger years may be at the root of the issue.

How do we find the cause of weird pain?

Our ability to link your pain to your life’s traumatic events is derived from the information gathered by our intake form.

The questions on our form evolved over 15+ years to capture a comprehensive list of what’s happened to you over your entire lifetime. We’ve learned what to ask to better get to the bottom of what caused your muscles to get off track.

For chest pains, these are common causes

We’ve found the following events from our clients histories come up over and over again, and can related to chest pain:

  • Birth-related clavicle fractures
  • Bicycle falls
  • Rear-end, side impact, or roll-over auto accidents
  • Gallbladder surgery

Targeted problem-solving and fast solutions

Clients find Bridging’s targeted approach to problem-solving identifies the specific issues causing their pains.

Even better than finding a cause is the solution — gentle, rocking, and stretch-based muscle resetting during Bridging®, which is very relaxing.