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Re-Tooling Running–November 7, 2014

Re-Tooling Running

Some of recent updates from our running clients:

  • Qualifying for Boston!
  • Returning from Injury!
  • Setting New PR’s!

Whether you are a parent watching their child run the bases without looking awkward, a teen making a team, or an adult returning from injury, we find there are many ways running brings joy to people’s lives.



One of our high school athletes stopped in last month for a tune-up to help with sloppy-looking race finishes. Mom took video clips on her phone so we had real race form to look at. The start looked good, but 3 miles later, our runner’s head and shoulders were not in synch with each other.

We restored balance to key interactions between his core, arms, and head. At practice the same day he recorded his fastest mile ever! Mom’s text message says it all—

“Wanted u to know he just did his best-timed mile 5:50!  Beat personal record by 10 seconds. He said he felt like running was easier for him. We are so excited!  He just said how u were right about the changes working right away.”


Boston Qualifier

Late September one of our clients came by for a tune-up before the Chicago Marathon. Two weeks prior to the race, her body was tired and out of balance. We assessed the symmetry of interactions between her legs and core. Next step was using Bridging® to balance it all and add more spring to her step. She finished 13 minutes faster than her previous time and qualified for Boston next year. A very exciting achievement!!!

“Just wanted to give you an update. Finished the marathon – ran a personal best & qualified for Boston! I ran the marathon about 8 years ago so went from 3 hrs 49 min to 3 hrs 33 min. I had no goal really for this marathon, just wanted to get back into it, so was pleasantly surprised.”


Return from Injury

More recently, a runner found us a month ago hoping to run again without pain. He was registered for the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon in November but was in such pain he didn’t know how he was going to compete. The race was planned with others earlier as their training run for the Disney Marathon in January. All race anticipation, planning, and training was turned upside down with a severe sprain in the Spring and a stress fracture over the Summer. Rest, immobilizing boot, new shoes, and traditional strengthening therapy weren’t helping much.

Strangely, compensations from a much older elbow injury were found to be part of the issue. Movement in the ankle, hip, and core were restored and re-integrated with a couple sessions of Bridging®. He is testing the ankle out at the Hot Chocolate 15k this week and looking forward to the half marathon in Vegas. Yay!

“I just ran 8.1 miles yesterday and was surprised how good I felt! I am moving faster, and though there are still those post-run aches and pains, I was able to run with lots more confidence (and little fear of falling!) … I am so happy to run again!”


New Personal Records

“Not only was my 10-mile time 30 seconds faster than my fastest time in the 1980’s, there were hills!”

A big fete accomplished by my running buddy—her time for running a 10-mile leg in a Kentucky based relay race. How did we help her accomplish this? Photos from a Summer 10k race finish showed her shoulders and core were out of synch. A little Bridging® re-connected and fine-tuned how all her limbs were working with her core.

My times improve too. I am most proud of my fifth year running a 4-mile Fourth of July race when I bested my average time by several minutes! My race time was 41:50 min, much improved from a four-year average of 45:30 min. I was beaming! (No, I didn’t train more. If anything, I trained less.)


Movement Brings Joy!

Movement brings such joy to life allowing each of us to actively engage with friends, family, teammates, and the beauty of our natural surroundings. The pride of accomplishment beams on faces as new skills are mastered and/or performances improve.

From infants to adults, we restore your micro-movements quickly returning you to the movement that defines your life!


A Note from Cara

The chill in the air and waning hours of daylight signal the end of my outdoor running soon. Yes, I’m a bit of a fair-weather runner—no rain, snow, or below freezing temps. My winter indoor running is maintenance for getting back outdoors and I look forward to winter trips to warmer climates where I can enjoy the feel of the ground beneath my feet.

For those who have known me for a while, the above should strike you as strange. Running was not part of who I was, nor was it ever an activity I would willingly choose. Bridging® has changed my life! My movement improvements enabled running and it is now something I plan my life around—2015 race planning is in full swing!

We have many clients who define themselves by their running. To see their joy as they rediscover movement is a highlight of our days.

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