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Breathing—simple, yet so often wrong!–March 17, 2016

Breathing—simple, yet so often wrong!

When the muscles supporting breathing don’t work well there are many functions of our lives that don’t work well either.

  • Anxiety
  • Poor sleep
  • Tight/frozen shoulder
  • Poor digestion
  • Headaches
  • Slumped/rounded posture
  • Low energy levels

The coolest thing is experiencing the changes in breathing myself!  My colleagues used our Bridging® technique to improve my breathing. Sleeping is so much better these days!

I feel the diaphragm muscle working like it is supposed to—down like a trampoline bounce when breathing in and back up when breathing out—what a new, amazing sensation!

Sometimes, the little muscles between the ribs never learned how to work to allow the ribs to expand and contract. Lungs can only expand as much as the ribs allow them to.

Often, we find auto accidents, falls, or sports collisions result in the “wind getting knocked out,” and breathing mechanics being knocked off kilter.

Currently, the nasty respiratory virus making the rounds is an example of illness getting the breathing mechanics mucked up. We use Bridging® stretches to help get all the various muscles working again.


For some interesting insights on how breathing mechanics work, there are some great YouTube videos. Take a look! This is the amazing physics involved; we use Bridging® to get the physics working for you, and then breathing works better!


Quarterly Bridging® Topic—Breathing

Early in March the group of interns got together to share stories and learn more.

The topic this month was breathing mechanics. We discovered no one in the group was breathing deeply or correctly.

It was amazing to watch everyone’s breathing change. They all felt the relaxation from deeper breathing and for some reason, there was much more laughter!  All were standing straighter and taller at the end of the day—wonderful!


Note from Cara

On my quest to run further and faster, I discovered more about how our bodes don’t work the way they are supposed to!

This time, the unimaginable intricacies of how our muscle system function allows us to breath! The physics are so crazy complex, yet amazingly simple when working correctly.

If you find yourself a little short of breath as you get outdoors this spring, give us a call.

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