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a fall in the snow

Slip and Fall? 😩 2 Aspects of Falling Where You Feel Off or Sleep Poorly

According to the CDC in 2017, approximately 1 million Americans are injured annually as the result of falling on ice and snow.

You were careful, but … down you went. 🙁

Nothing was broken, but you just don’t feel yourself. You might have gone to the urgent care to make sure all was ok. What else could be going on?

You naturally reacted to prevent the fall by turning and reaching. This ends up being part of why you don’t feel quite right, and you may also have trouble sleeping.

As you fell, a natural response is to twist — and then your body hit the ground. The impact was like a spray of shellac, sealing in the muscle relationships which were all askew when you hit. And now your poor muscles are stuck working in this skewed state!

The impact likely caused a bruise which is visible. Also likely is the fall causing your core function to get off-center. Much like after a car crash; the exterior damage looks minimal, but the alignment and function is off.

There is a fast solution for you! By simulating the position of the fall (or close to it) we can use the Bridging® micromovements and stretches to quickly and gently allow your body’s stress to dissipate, and your core to re-center itself.

Often in 1-2 sessions, depending upon how badly you fell, you are back to your old self!

What really happened when you fell?

To understand why you may still feel off-kilter, we need to think about what happens to your body when you fall. It all happens so quickly! You are aware of what hurts the most, yet, there is likely more to the story, and more to be addressed.

For example, you landed on a hip and it got bruised, but what about:

  • The knee that suddenly bent and twisted as you went down?
  • Or the hand that reached out to catch your balance but caught the ground instead?
  • And your head, which didn’t hit the ground, but whiplashed as you looked for something to grab on to?

Your body is intricately connected, so impact or torque to one area really has an effect on how you function overall!

There are two parts to your body feeling settled:

When you have fallen and seek medical attention to check how bad it is, the ER and orthopedic professionals look at the integrity of the bones and strains of muscle or connective tissue to diagnose an injury. Once this heals, you are discharged.

But, we find there are two additional aspects of your recovery to consider:

  1. The flow and transitioning between each moving segment of the core and limbs.
  2. The symmetry of the body is key to your nervous system feeling calm, and your movement being centered.

These movement flows are our unique expertise so you still have help available.

More to your full recovery …

At The Bridging® Institute our clients are often surprised by how fast they improve. Uniquely, our approach goes back to early development as the secret.

Re-creating early layers of muscle and joint interconnections is the roadmap for sustainably resetting you or your child’s body after accidents, illness or growth. Bridging® rebuilds the original movement foundation; your daily activity reinforces the better function.

Wondering if Bridging® can help you or your child feel and function better after a fall or a broken bone? Fill out our intake form and we’ll get back to you with insights on how Bridging® can help. Virtual or in-office sessions are two options we offer to get you back to feeling your best.