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Jim & Brian’s “Friendly Competition”

One thing that keeps people going in terms of working out is having someone to help motivate them. Another way of looking at it could be friendly competition between friends. Meet Jim Maratea and Brian Ahern — workout buddies. Jim has been working out at Fully Fit for several months and Brian for several years. […]

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PelviCore-Sneak Preview

Saturday I had the privilege to meet with Christina Christie, PT, who is the brains behind a new fitness gizmo called the PelviCore ( ). She specializes in therapy to improve pelvic floor functions which positively impact basic stuff like incontinence and uterine prolapse. Functionally the pelvic floor is tied to the pelvic girdle rotator […]

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Muscle Activation: Wow!

Attended a workshop last summer to learn Muscle Activation Techniques as a way to get faster and better results for clients. I had noticed some clients just seemed ‘stuck’ and had a hard time moving to the next level of skill proficiency. The process was developed by Greg Roskopf ( for use with athletes. From […]

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