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Pain, Injury, or Behavior Got You Stressed Out?

What’s stressing you out these days?

Is 2021 off to a painful or stressful start?

  • In pain and still searching for help?
  • Recovering from surgery or an injury and wondering when you’ll get back to normal?
  • Stressed and worried about your child’s behavior?

At Kinetic Konnections we find these all tend to have one thing in common–micromovements in your body that are stuck or out of balance.

When the micromovements change, the pain, stiffness and behavior changes. It’s that straight forward.

At Kinetic Konnections we realize not everyone can make it to our office, which is why we offer virtual sessions. Our virtual clients find the online sessions can be so helpful to get their micromovements working better. If you’re local, out of state, or in another country we are able to help.

To understand what can be accomplished in a virtual session here are links to some recent BLOG posts with more specifics:

Why a virtual session may be helpful for your child.

What a virtual session looks like.

How a virtual session can help adults.

Our goal at Kinetic Konnections is to keep your body’s micromovements optimally organized to behave, focus and be active for the things you enjoy in life.

Five Parts to a Virtual Session

Here is the flow and set-up for how a virtual session generally works. The keys to success are finding a capable helper and a safe setting.

  • Define the goal for the session. Is there an injury to address, balance challenge, anxiety, or pain that hasn’t been resolved in other ways?
  • Assess. We talk you through the movements to assess the current state, as we gather information to help with determining next steps.
  • Bridging┬« movements. We coach you to perform several Bridging movements, as well as talk you through the changes to expect.
  • Re-assess. We guide you through some of the initial assessment movements again to gauge the session’s changes.
  • Homework. We may select one Bridging movement which will benefit you, coach you/your helper through it again for confidence, and then discuss when/how often to do it on your own.

Four Key Ingredients for Success

Bridging session via ZoomFor a great virtual session, these are the elements we find to be essential:

  • A healthy helper. Your helper needs to be physically able to bend forward and lift/move your arms and legs. A lot of strength is not a necessity, but flexibility is.
  • Flat accessible space. The ideal option is to have a flat open space (floor, bed, sofa).
  • Webcam or phone/tablet camera. There are many choices of cameras to use. Make sure you can prop it up with a good viewing angle for our Zoom session. Bright lighting and a quiet room are a bonus.
  • Peanut Balls. (optional) When you have a longer-term goal, or long legs, it’s a great idea to purchase a set of peanut balls. (Amazon– Milliard Peanut Balls) They are inexpensive, fun, and make working so much easier!


You are now able to schedule your 30-minute virtual sessions online through the MindBody Fitness app!
New and existing clients are welcome to use this option.



Bridging Education Update:

Details are being finalized but the course will kick-off online with a flexible start date in February. The first webinar workshop will be in March.

Interested? Email Cara for more info.



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Kids driving you crazy, or having a hard time handling virtual school?

Coming soon is our new online program you can do with your children at home, allowing everyone to focus and be calmer.

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