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Restoring Inner Peace and Calm

The Fourth of July holiday turned out to be a time of chaos and tragedy in our community. Our Northbrook office is a short distance from Highland Park, and we serve many families there. Our hearts are heavy with the sadness and loss. The most fundamental human need, that of safety and security, was rocked. […]

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Three Injury Types and How They Impact Self-calming

We typically think of falls, being hit by something, or being in a motor vehicle accident as a cause of pain or mobility concerns. These types of injuries are the leading causes of nonfatal preventable injuries treated in hospital emergency departments: (United States, 2019) Falls – 8,049,8822 Struck By/Against – 3,183,7723 Motor Vehicle-Occupant – 2,108,1474 […]

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Struggling with a Child’s Behavior?

The Link between Micromovements and Behaviors Behavioral Reactions: Even-tempered? Anxious? Quick-tempered? Your child’s temperament should be able to shift up and down to meet the changing situations of their days and weeks. Their reactions should rise to meet the occasion and then calm back down. This is known as modulation. Stress happens when a child’s […]

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