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Is Your Child Struggling in the New School Year?

School called: Refusals, anxiety, poor attention? It’s that time of year, and I’ve lived it. I dreaded seeing the school on caller ID because it was never good news. The emails and calls come from school to discuss performance and behavior. By now the students should have settled into their routines. Each year, I was […]

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Kinetic Konnections is Evolving!

Evolving to a new name and focused mission! Kinetic Konnections is transforming into The Bridging Institute. After 15 years we’re growing into our next phase with a new name and more tightly focused mission — helping more people, in more ways. Why? To sharpen our focus on what creates the magic — Bridging!  As we began […]

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Beginning the New Year–January 12, 2017

Beginning the New Year Many of us set goals for the year and attainment of these goals generally involves an element of change. As the Change Model graphic shows, transition is essential.   What If We Are Stuck at The Transition? We consistently find that being stuck in a life transition correlates to being stuck […]

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Relevant Science: Foot Reflex Pathways & the Lower Back

The findings of this recent study from the University of Alberta in Canada correlate with our observations at Kinetic Konnections. When the feet function well, the reflexes triggered by ground contact with walking or sitting end up triggering muscles further up in the body to stabilize. Another interesting insight from the research matches one of […]

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Apps Beyond Entertainment

If you’ve had an appointment recently, you have experienced some of the few apps I am using as a tool. And there are also a couple you may catch me playing from time to time. Angry Birds Ok, so it is the current most popular app game, and it is insanely addictive. The game is […]

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