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Autoimmune Conditions and Exercise? So Many Health Benefits for You!

The theme for this week … the role of activity with autoimmune conditions Being active is important for just about every aspect of your physical, mental and cognitive health. Physical activity is especially important when managing the ups and downs that come along with autoimmune conditions. Read on … Keeping active with autoimmune conditions — […]

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child exercising

Does Your Child Struggle, Act Out or Avoid PE/Gym/Wellness Class? 🏀 ⚾

The theme for this week … kids’ love-hate relationship with PE class As school gets into mid-semester, how many of your kids are struggling with doing the requirements of the PE (wellness) class? If you are frustrated with ways to help and wonder why they struggle, read on … What are the requirements of PE […]

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resistance training and metabolism

Research Blog: Strength Training … Your Metabolism (Kids and Adults) Will Thank You!

Research Insights share a variety of new or topical research findings on the relationship of being physically active, and why being active is essential to our physical, emotional, and cognitive health. The theme for this week … strength training health benefits Intuitively we know it’s easier to enjoy daily activities when we improve our muscle […]

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