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Cara with client, Steve

Freak Injuries and Getting Back to ‘Normal’ 🙏

The theme for this week … when freak injuries happen Freak accidents, whether a sports injury, auto accident, or just a random thing, happen. Thankfully, the EMT’s stabilize us, and surgical teams can put us back together. However, your body often needs more to really feel normal again. Read on … Being active side-tracked by […]

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Cara with client, Amanda

How Much Walking Do You Need for a Health Benefit?

The theme for this week … how much activity translates to health benefits? Keeping up on emerging research about the relationship between activity and health is one of the important things we do for you. A new article recently published sheds new perspective on the amount of activity needed for health benefits. Read on … […]

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Cara with client, Martha

Summer Adventures, Hiking, and Injuries. Sometimes Things Happen … 😣

The theme for this week … injuries from hiking Have you been outdoors doing an activity you love and suffered an injury? Hiking is such a wonderful way to enjoy nature and be active. It can also be fraught with danger. Read on … How common are hiking injuries? This 2022 summary from Hikers Daily […]

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Cara with client, Sarena

Vision and Hand-eye Coordination Problem-solving

The theme for this week … being active can also involve hands, arms and eyes! Many activities have a visual-motor component which incorporates use of our hands and arms in conjunction with vision. Sometimes the parts could be working together better than we assume they are. Read on … We assume our vision and hands/arms […]

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woman running

Boost Your Bone Health: the Role of Exercise Revealed

The theme for this week … Exercise is essential for more than just our cardio-respiratory health. Our skeletal structure needs exercise too! Read on … Bone health is dependent upon physical activity Recent research highlights various relationships between activity and bone health depending upon age, and/or type of activity. Some of this information seems intuitive […]

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