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Finding Calm Amidst Chaos: ‘Tis the Season for Sensational Sensory Challenges

Parents, does your child’s behavior easily derail given the special activities this time of year? Do you plan a strategy to both attend and escape normal holiday events? Does it seem like you spend more time feeling frustrated and guilty than enjoying? If this describes the fragile margins you live within, keep reading. We are […]

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Beginning the New Year–January 12, 2017

Beginning the New Year Many of us set goals for the year and attainment of these goals generally involves an element of change. As the Change Model graphic shows, transition is essential.   What If We Are Stuck at The Transition? We consistently find that being stuck in a life transition correlates to being stuck […]

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Jordan’s Back to School Journey!–October 1, 2015

Jordan’s Back to School Journey! “I constantly had a headache, felt seasick, and had shooting pains through my face and neck. I looked completely fine, so people thought I was completely fine. I was far from fine!” Fall 2015:  Jordan is in her junior year of college studying abroad for the semester. As typical as […]

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Snakes, Peanuts, and Nano-movements!–June 25, 2015

Snakes, Peanuts, and Nano-movements! The first of the nano-movements, PEANUT, is such a simple movement, yet we find many whose core movement doesn’t pass. Read on to learn more about this movement and how missing it may affect you.   Biology Basics Cells are rapidly vibrating, expanding, and dividing. The mass of cells on their […]

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Just What Are Nano-movements?–May 14, 2015

Just What Are Nano-movements? Nanotechnology, Nanobiology, Nanoparticles…Nano-movements? The prefix ‘Nano’ is a math term meaning one billionth, or .000000001, which is really small! During the past year we’ve taken movement down to a whole new level—integrating the smallest observed movements with amazing results! Teeny-tiny movements have been systematically observed via ultrasound during prenatal development. Twenty […]

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Baby Hannah and Visual-Motor Development–May 20, 2014

Baby Hannah and Visual-Motor Development Despite everything being “normal” in her development, at 8 weeks Hannah was off track with visual-motor development. An uneventful pregnancy and an easy delivery with a midwife, Hannah was a relatively happy baby who ate and slept within her parents expectations. So why did I have the opportunity to meet […]

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