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Cara with client, Zakiya

Exercise Plans Side-tracked? Do Past Injuries Make Things Harder?

She wanted to get back to exercising for her health. How did Bridging® help? In the latest Bridging Insider video, we meet Zakiya whose exercise routine has been side-lined while caring for her son who has special needs. She’s had two key physical traumas over the years and she wants to make sure she is […]

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Post-surgical Recovery Incomplete? See How Bridging® Helped this Hockey Player

“An estimated 12 million individuals between the ages of 5 and 22 years suffer a sport-related injury annually, which leads to 20 million lost days of school and approximately $33 billion in health care costs.” Common Sports Injuries: Incidence and Average Charges | ASPE ( Post Surgery: Will I ever be back to normal? This […]

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Cara with new mom

Is a New Mom’s Childbirth Trauma Linked to Anxiety and Sports Performance Challenges?

Anxiety and trauma resulting from childbirth, especially for C-section moms In a prior BLOG post I shared how the diaphragm, breathing, and lower body interconnections are all related, and most importantly, impact anxiety. One of the most common reasons we find for moms to feel anxious, as well as reluctant to restart activity, relates to […]

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family takes a walk

Recent, or Not So Recent, Surgery? And Recovery Isn’t Quite What You Expected?

A number of clients in the office recently have wanted help with pain or limited range of motion. We found these had a relationship to prior surgeries. These surgeries included: Abdominal structure repair Cancer treatment C-section Dental Hysterectomy Wrist (following fracture) In each case Bridging® was able to help with pain, ease of motion, and […]

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Foot Surgery and Still Have Pain, Swelling, or Balance Concerns?

Facts about feet issues and surgeries Bunions affect approximately 25-30% of adults. Most common foot surgeries are to address: bunions hammer toes tendon release neuroma metatarsal repair Feet still hurting after surgery? Your feet may have been hurting so bad that surgery seemed like the best solution. Surgery is finished, your foot is healed, and […]

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