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Older woman keeps muscles strong

Muscle Loss With Age? How to Best Target Your Exercise to Keep Your Muscle Strength

The theme for this week … Muscles and aging. Vibrant strong muscles are important for strength, balance, metabolism, and how we feel about ourselves. Do you know how to best target your strength training? This week we turn to research to provide some guidance. Read on … Muscle, the foundation of our being! Muscles are […]

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word cloud about family

Agelessly Truly Means ALL Ages 😍

Keeping four generations moving — what a great Bridging® story! Throughout the past year we’ve shared many specific examples of how our clients’ pain and movement challenges have been helped by Bridging, no matter their age. Each discussion and topic sought to include a multi-age perspective. The Collins’ family story brings the multi-age aspect of […]

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woman running

Boost Your Bone Health: the Role of Exercise Revealed

The theme for this week … Exercise is essential for more than just our cardio-respiratory health. Our skeletal structure needs exercise too! Read on … Bone health is dependent upon physical activity Recent research highlights various relationships between activity and bone health depending upon age, and/or type of activity. Some of this information seems intuitive […]

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adult virtual bridging session

Pain, Anxiety and Balance Concerns? Consider a Virtual Session

Virtual session for adults – What’s different? From a client’s wife in Kansas City, MO – “He was moving much better during our walk that followed your session. He walked more quickly as well. Cara easily navigated us through simple movements virtually. These movements resulted in more fluidity and flexibility for his body after a […]

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