Your BRIDGE back to being active at every age and stage

Kinetic Konnections is Evolving!

Evolving to a new name and focused mission! Kinetic Konnections is transforming into The Bridging Institute. After 15 years we’re growing into our next phase with a new name and more tightly focused mission — helping more people, in more ways. Why? To sharpen our focus on what creates the magic — Bridging!  As we began […]

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Three Quick Ways to Calm Your Child, or Yourself

???? You feel exhausted. ???? You’re feeling stuck, and struggling to get anything done. ???? Your child seems to be spinning out of control. And, there are more weeks of at-home time staring you down. At Kinetic Konnections we specialize in helping you and your family with the micro-movements needed for your nervous system to […]

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Lasting Effects from Injuries. Who is Easier to Help — Kids or Adults?

How is helping an injury different between kids and adults? Recently we had a client ask, “Is it easier to help kids, or adults?” My answer, “It depends.” We recently explored this question related to surgical recovery. However, injuries are a more common event at all ages so let’s explore the differences between helping adults […]

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Still Recovering from a Surgery or Medical Procedure?

Recent Surgical Procedure? We have many clients who are finally able to get their Covid delayed procedures done, or have had test results requiring new procedures. Knees, hips, biopsies, moles, shoulders and feet. Oh my! Being such a timely topic, post-surgical support will be the focus for our quarterly professional Bridging® learning event next week. […]

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