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Beyond Concussion: What If It’s Just a Head Injury?

“My daughter fell on the playground at school. The ER says there is no concussion. She took a pretty good hit in the face. Should we come in?” Each year, nearly 200,000 children, ages 14 and under, require emergency room treatment due to playground falls. The most severe playground-related injuries are due to falls. More […]

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Visual-Motor System Need an Upgrade, or Just an Update?

Shoulder and head strength, hand-eye coordination, hand function, and more — so many essential postural and motor skills emanate from tummy time! What may not be so apparent? The same fundamental laddered skills related to tummy time support our visual-motor function and are needed at every age. If these skills are so important, how do […]

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visual motor development

Trouble with Fine Motor Skills? Why Tummy Time is So Important

Do you or your child need better focus and/or fine motor skills? In his 2008 book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell introduced us to the concept of 10,000 hours for mastery. Motor skill development is no different, yet we find so many reasons why infants and young children have missed out on the hours and hours necessary to […]

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When is a Reach More Than a Reach?

Children’s Motor Skills: When is a Reach more than a Reach?

Early life events are a big deal! Motor skills are actually an essential aspect for all that we hope our children will be — thriving socially and emotionally. Every sensory-motor skill developed as an infant is essential for building another skill somewhere down the road. This concept is called laddering — the skills ladder on […]

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impacts of surgery on children

The Hidden Impact of Medical Procedures on Children

Beyond the Scar A recent newsletter discussed the considerations of pre- and post-surgical considerations which often leave a lasting imprint of pain, discomfort, and insomnia. When procedures are for a child there is more to consider. The impact of medical procedures upon a child’s development is personal — my son had 38 lumbar punctures and […]

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Medical Miracles!–March 13, 2017

Medical Miracles! This year I have been writing about birth characteristics and the related long-term effects we observe. Medical miracles at birth allow most babies born from 24-36 weeks to survive. For many of the families we meet, it is also the beginning of a journey of unknowns. Nine-year-old Megan, born at 27 weeks (left), […]

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Supporting the Parent Who Supports Their Child–November 10, 2016

Baby Development and Play Play is a vital and interactive process of babies learning to excite, engage, and calm in every changing way. Play is also the foundation of communication and self-help. Play is essential for integrated sensory, motor, and cognitive development beginning with rattles and progressing to block building and books.   Note from […]

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Zoey’s Headaches–Not what you’d expect!–October 28, 2016

Headaches with An Unusual Cause For years, 11-year-old Zoey experienced daily headaches. For as long as she could remember, Zoey’s mother said her daughter would comment about her head pain, particularly toward the end of each day. “As the day would go on, the pain would worsen,” she described. Unwilling to take any medicine to […]

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Mastering the Dreaded Locker Lock–August 26, 2016

Mastering the Dreaded Locker Lock! I still have my lock, the combo engraved in my brain from frustration… The fear and frustration of sweaty fingers twirling the dial of the gym locker on the bottom row of lockers, trying not to be late to class. Yes, that’s why I remember the combo. Middle schools and […]

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