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Girls playing soccer game

Anxiety: What If It Comes From a Past Sports Injury?

Three sports scenarios that may play a role in your anxiety. Sports injuries are common! According to the National Safety Council (NSC), in 2019 there were: 468,000 injuries from general exercise 417,000 injuries from bicycling 404,000 injuries basketball 292,000 injuries from football Injury prone activities From CDC data, activities associated with the highest number of […]

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girl exhausted by long Covid

Yes, Long COVID and Diaphragm Have a Connection 😵

How can long COVID have so many lingering issues? According to the CDC, new or ongoing symptoms of long COVID may include: difficulty breathing or shortness of breath tiredness or fatigue difficulty thinking or concentrating cough chest and/or stomach pain headache heart palpitations joint and/or muscle pain pins and needles diarrhea sleep problems Many of […]

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More Reasons the Diaphragm is Key to Your Pains, Fatigue, and more…😳

Insights to the many ways your diaphragm should support you … The diaphragm affects everything! When I teach Bridging® we spend a lot of time discussing diaphragm connections and function, as well as the events in a person’s background which likely impact diaphragm function. This is why: “The diaphragm affects everything in the body, AND […]

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core strength building exercise

Crazy Question: What If Your Core Never Really Worked the Right Way?

Core activation fiction Do you have to work harder than others to keep a strong and active core? Looking for clues to unresolved pain, stiffness, or anxiety — all common when the core activation isn’t fully developed? The sports industry, exercise world, and pop culture would have us believe that all we need for a […]

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activating the core

Core Exercise vs. Activation

Have you been told you need to activate your core muscles before exercising or lifting? You are returning to your active lifestyle and workout routines. A common part of a well-rounded workout routine focuses on your core. Great core function is much more than doing a bunch of crunches. However, when choosing any core exercise […]

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